Find a Luggage Label just for you.

Luggage Tags come in a number of different types, just to suit your needs. You can design your own (Custom Labels) with whatever images and text you want; we can also design for you. The easiest way is to make a selection from the Ready to stick Luggage Tags, with a number of designs already printed and ready to send throughout Australia. For schools, business, teams, conferences, tour groups and sports or need kids luggage tags, our team will manage the whole process for you.


01. Custom Labels

Create a unique, dazzling design that is totally yours. Using the Luggage Labels design tool, you can add in whatever images and text you like (dogs, faces, babies, anything) then add text if you like, your name, phone number, email or address. It’s super easy to use, Click here to get started.

02. Ready to Stick Labels

Choose from our range of pre-printed tags that are ready to pack and send. There are no personalised details on Ready to stick Luggage Labels but they have a high visual impact and high quality print that make your luggage your own.

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03. Business, School, Sport and Team Labels

With a fully personalised service, Luggage Labels manages the design, print and despatch process to meet your exact needs. Any artwork can be printed, including logos, images, personalised names, conferences, events and business travellers. We have worked with schools for kids luggage tags, sports teams, travel agents, tour companies, bus companies and businesses of all sizes.

Send us your details luggage tags and we are happy to quote.