Packing Hacks

You’ve booked the flights, picked the hotels, and ordered your personalised bag tags so there’s only one thing left to do. Packing. When it comes to packing for a trip everyone has their methods and we’ve certainly seen the packing hack trends come and go over the years. Some have worked and some have just been a flop. We’ve put together the most popular packing tips and tricks and weighed in on them ourselves. 

First things first, picking your bag. The right bag will help you before you even get to picking the clothes. Look for something light weight, with wheels that spin 360 degrees, and something with good handles to make your life easier during transit. Hard case bags are also a great option to protect all your belongings. Then it’s time to think about size because when it comes to packing and travelling, it really does matter. Depending on where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, what you’ll need, and how long you’ll be gone for you need to make sure your bag matches these needs. Picking a medium sized bag that is easy for you to manage means you won’t over or under pack.

Our favourite and probably the most practical thing to come out of these packing hacks is the new folding aka rolling. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them flat has multiple benefits too. It’ll help you save space in your suitcase, saving more room for shoes, accessories, toiletries etc. It’ll also prevent your clothes from creasing which is a life saver when travelling around without easy access to an iron. It also cuts out having to dig through layers and layers of neatly folded clothes only to have your whole wardrobe strewn across your hotel floor because that one top you needed was buried right at the bottom. Rolling means you have everything fit in nicely and can quickly spot whatever it is you need

When it comes to planning out your approach there’s two ways to go about it but only one we think is really worth worrying about. We’re talking about either planning full outfits or taking interchangeable, versatile basics. Planning outfits is great in that it takes the hassle of ending up with nothing that matches or the time it takes putting an outfit together out of the equation. However it may take up more space in your bag and actually limit your overall options. It could go great for your first week but after a while you probably don’t want to be in the same outfits for every photo. Taking a selection of basics that all fit well together and can be interchanged to make complete outfits is a far better option. It means you’ll get far more out of less. 

Now one for the super organised. Packing cubes. These additions to the packing game are for those who want to get serious about their packing. They come in different shapes and sizes so they’re totally customisable to any trip or bag. These lightweight zipper bags will tetris into your bag, keeping things neatly in separate bags. One cube for socks and jocks, one for tops and another for pants. Know where everything is in, without having to sift through all your belongings to find it. Packing cubes will also come in handy for dirty or wet clothes, keeping them separate from your fresh clean ones.