Long Haul Life Hacks For Your Next Flight

Long haul flights are that final stretch before your holiday actually begins. While you’re no doubt excited to jump off that plane and into your holiday, long haul flights can be draining and that’s not how you want to start your trip. With the right preparation you can make long haul flights easier than ever. From Sydney to London, Melbourne to New York, wherever you’re off to, these life hacks will make your long haul life easier. 

If you’re planning that next trip it’s not just you that needs to be prepared but your luggage should be too. With personalised luggage labels you can avoid that time wasted at the carousel trying to pick your bag from the 10 others that look the same. Minimise that time where you can and get more out of your holiday. 

Have everything on hand:

This one is simple. You’re going to be posted in your seat for hours so you want everything you could possibly need in this time within arms reach. If you have in flight entertainment that’s great but if not think about packing a device like your laptop, iPad, or smartphone and loading it up with your favourite movies, TV shows, and books. Other things you might want with you include water, a jacket or light shawl – these are great for helping you sleep and some moisturiser – the cabin air can be very drying on your skin, if you want to look and feel less tired after your flight keep your insides and outsides hydrated. Make sure you have any extras on you too. Books, charging cables, sleeping masks, a pillow, and anything you could entertain yourself with or make yourself more comfortable with during your long haul flight.

Pick the right pillow:

Sleep is obviously a great way to pass time on long flights but it’s also a great way to ensure you hop off the plane feeling ready and refreshed. When it comes to a neck pillow this is probably the one thing we won’t get on a flight without. These little cushions make things a whole lot comfier meaning you have a better chance of catching some Z’s and less chance of coming off the plane with a knotted up neck. From blow up, to memory foam, make sure you pick the right material for you. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your pillow either but sometimes those cheap and nasty’s can do more harm than good. Give your pillow a good test run before your flight to make sure it sits and fits right on your neck.

Dress for the occasion:

This one is pretty obvious. Jeans might look great when you land but they won’t feel great to sit in for hours. Opt for comfy clothes that give you a bit of room to move. Flying can cause your feet and ankles to swell up as well so pick shoes that are easy to slip on and off and take a spare pair of socks if you need to. Keep in mind that temperatures might drop during your flight too. WIth the aircon running you might want to have a light long sleeve sweater, or shawl to keep you comfy and cosy. 

Don’t rely on in-flight meals:

Depending on your airline in flight meals can vary greatly in quality. That being said, they’ll never be as good as a fresh cooked meal on the ground. If you have dietary restrictions, picky taste, or just want food that you know you like and is a little healthier, preparing your own is a great way to go. There are certain circumstances where you may not be able to bring certain types or amounts of food onboard. Packing small healthy snacks and bringing lots of water on board will help you feel better on and off your flight. Even getting in a meal at the airport terminal will do you good. 

When prepping for your next long haul flight remember these easy little life hacks and your long haul won’t feel like such a drag! Happy travelling!