How To Travel More Sustainably

Most of us want to travel around the world to see new places as much as possible. More than anything, it’s usually our budget that tends to hold us back from doing so but more and more the question of sustainability is on travellers mind when organising their next getaway. While we may not have all the answers yet, being aware is the best place to start.

More and more airlines are offering sustainable options. Offsetting carbon footprints, better or less packaging, and more. Between your own habits on holidays and the big companies, brands, and technology that gets you there, you can make sustainable choices that will make your holiday feel that bit better. Once you’ve made all the right choices, you can get back to all the exciting things like the packing, the personalised bag tags, and saving that spending money.

In order to keep the planet healthy and happy – here are a couple of things you could consider for your next holiday.

Rail Travel:

If you have an option to travel by rail, go for it. Ditch the domestic flights for rail, even save on accomodation with overnight rail trips. Train travel reduces almost 10 times less emissions than air travel and will help minimise your carbon footprint. Slower travel can also allow you to see more things along the way. Travel through new places, soak in the view through a big window seat, and get a good night’s sleep in as you take the more sustainable road on your next holiday.

Choose Eco-friendly Accommodation:

We know it’s not always easy to find eco-friendly accommodation during travel, but taking a little more time to research and find the right option is always worth it. There are multiple hotels around the world that follow a zero-plastic policy. There are others that will also offer greener options when it comes to water usage and laundry services. Many hotels are also paying attention to where they source their water and how it’s recycled. The more the big leading hotels can lead by example, the easier it will be to travel without making a negative impact. 

Less Waste, More Sustainability:

When traveling, it’s easy to rack up a little more waste than usual. You’re on the go, maybe packaged food is all that’s available, or you might have left something at home and now disposable options are all that’s available. These products we often use on holidays are made to make life easier but often have the adverse effect on the environment. Try to stick with reusable water bottles, and even a set of reusable cutlery or straws if you’re backpacking around. When it comes to take away, slow down and sit in. You might have lots of sights to see but you’re on holiday, you’ve got the time to enjoy it and sit in to reduce waste. When it comes to toiletries try to pack smart too. Minimise products that will create excess waste or require you to keep buying more products while on holiday.