Custom Labels


1. Text – Add in the text you would like into the box – your name and details, along with anything else you like – then click ‘Add.’ Then you can adjust the size, font, colour and position as you like.

2. Shape – Add one if you like – just click on the shape then change the size and colour.

3. Add your own image – photos, drawings or anything else you like. Upload the file then Add and adjust.

4. ClipArt – we have some fun images that you can use. Click on Browse and choose the one you want, then adjust as you want.

5. Preview – check that it’s all looking the way you want.

6. Add to Cart – away you go to payment.

7. We will have it printed and in the mail to you in no time.

You're trying to access the customization page whitout a product to customize. This page should only be accessed using one of the customization buttons.