Personalise all your

Personalise your luggage


Brand everything in your life – luggage, bags, books, bikes, laptops.

Why not make your luggage truly individual?Personalised luggage labels.. that go on the outside of your luggage.

Luggage Labels go on the outside of anything that’s is yours. Make all your stuff truly your own, with luggage labels you can personalise or choose that reflect your identity and personality. Design your own personalised luggage labels that makes it only yours, easy for you to find, and for it to find you. You can put names, addresses, photos, logos, or whatever you want.  

Luggage labels are tough, super-sticky labels that go on the outside of your belongings. Luggage Labels prints the labels from our selection, or you can personalise. We send them straight to you, ready to stick. Easy.

Luggage Labels have been specially developed to be tough, durable, sticky and can be printed in any design you want. Our test labels have now clocked up 57 international flights (and counting), plus all the hotels, cabs, busses, trains and cranky travellers that come with them. Design and buy your very own luggage labels Australia wide from us!


Musical equipment, touring and stage


Travel and tour companies


Sports teams, equipment, bikes.


Schools and other groups.




Businesses and branding

Our Products

Luggage Labels are great for.

Tools and toolboxes, so no one can take them on site (without knowing they are yours).

Laptops, tablets and other IT equipment. 

Audio, stage equipment and musical instruments. 

Bikes, sports, portable water sports, helmets and other outdoor equipment.

Families and leisure travellers have Luggage Labels with names, phone, addresses, email and everything from dog to baby photos.

Group, school and team travellers all have the same bags, causing extra confusion. Let’s face it, the ribbons and bows don’t work (since so many bags have them) and plastic labels and tags can’t be checked from afar. 

Businesses use Luggage Labels for some sneaky branding for business travellers.

Teams for schools and sports have Luggage Labels to keep the team bags together. 

Travel and Tour companies use Luggage Labels to show off their services for happy tourists.