Personalise your luggage


Have you ever lost your luggage? All luggage looks the same on the carousel, when weary travellers can often grab the wrong bag. Group, school and team travellers all have the same bags, causing extra confusion. Let’s face it, even the pink ribbons, plastic labels and tags don’t really help.


Why not make your luggage truly individual? Design your own label that makes it only yours, easy to find and easy for it to find you.


Luggage labels are tough, super-sticky labels that go on the outside of your luggage that make it yours – only yours. You decide what goes on the label and create the design, with whatever you want. Luggage Labels prints it and sends it straight to you, ready to stick.


Throw out the ribbons and bows.

See your bag from afar

Personalise your luggage - no doubt it’s yours

If you put your name on it, authorities can identify your lost bag quickly.

Pick up your own luggage, first time - no need to put it back when its not yours

For just $20 we print and deliver 5 labels on one A4 sheet